Linda Montaño


Kaitlyn Cook

Linda Montaño has lived all across the United States, from Las Vegas, Nev., to New York City to Atlanta, and now to Santa Fe. She joined the staff of SFHS in 2019, where she works with special education students and English language learners.

Ms. Montaño used to visit family in Santa Fe as a kid, where she had an early exposure to politics and campaigned for one of her cousins for sheriff. “I was a teenager, and he is one of twelve, so his siblings and I were all over town holding up signs at various spots, trying to get votes. That’s what I remember most,” Ms. Montaño said, ”being here where my roots and my family are from.”

She’s come to love teaching more due to the Innovate Academy, which prioritizes teaching students problem-solving, critical thinking, and technological skills. “I think Innovate is truly innovative,” Ms. Montaño said. “Mr. Morrison has made me see things differently with project-based learning.”

Ms. Montaño earned her bachelor’s degree in special education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She then studied in Boston earning graduate degrees in instructional technology and school administration. She recently completed advanced studies in teaching English as a second or other language.

Ms. Montaño and her husband are supporters of the soccer team Arsenal F.C. They also travel as often as they can, particularly to England where he was born and raised.