Jennifer Higginbotham


Natalia Roybal-Herrera

Jennifer Higginbotham is a special education teacher who joined the staff of SFHS in 2019. She specializes in math as well as reading, and often serves as a substitute teacher when needed.

Originally from Huntsville, Ala., Ms. Higginbotham earned her bachelor’s degree in art. She moved to New Mexico in 2006 to earn a master’s degree in fine art from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. She taught painting, drawing, and art history there from 2006 to 2009 during grad school.

She was definitely not expecting to teach math. 

“Once I got to college, I realized how much I liked math,” she said, adding that the transition from painting to math wasn’t that big of a deal because teaching math also challenges her. 

Ms. Higginbotham’s favorite part about working at Santa Fe High is figuring out how she’s going to teach a new problem, as well as helping students. She loves that students come to her with math-related problems. “I love being immersed in math,” she said, adding that she also enjoys learning from her co-teachers.

Drawing is Ms. Higginbotham’s favorite hobby, as well as creating mixed media and large-scale art. She met her husband at a kickboxing class. They have been married for six years. They have one dog and two cats.