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Angelica Olivas


Angelica Olivas is a senior at Santa Fe High, but you’ll probably never see her on campus in the mornings because her daily coffee run makes her five minutes late to class. (Sorry, Gerbs.) You may be shocked by her cold-hearted...

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Ramona Park


Ramona Park is a senior who’s still having issues processing the fact that this is her last year of high school. If you don’t see her coming, you’ll definitely be able to hear her because she’s louder than the OG dad sneeze.   Although...

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Wyatte Grantham-Philips


Wyatte Grantham-Philips is a senior this year. Born and raised in Santa Fe, she is not only trying to enjoy her final year at home, but also making the most of her first and last year writing for the Demon Tattler. She enjoys...

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River Edwards


River Edwards is a junior at Santa Fe High who, like most teens his age, is trying to figure out who he is and what to do with his life. He loves running, specifically sprinting, and he hopes to someday compete at the Olympic...

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Alcion Calderon


Alcion Calderon is a weird kid, but he is the kindest person you’ll ever meet. He is a junior who enjoys playing sports and other outdoor activities. He has his long hair and he has changed a lot over the years. He enjoys writing...

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Natalia Martinez


Natalia Martinez is one of the tiniest juniors you’ll ever meet—with the biggest passion for art! Mastering the history behind art is something that she plans on conquering as a career. Every now and then, you can find one...

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Miranda Archuleta


Miranda Archuleta is in her junior year at SFHS. In past years, she has been involved in National Honor Society, Mock Trial, Dance and Bakery. Miranda enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the comp...

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Alyssa Montoya


Alyssa Montoya is a dedicated rap artist who is in “Pivotal Crew” and continues to pursue her rap career. Alyssa likes to chill with friends and have a good time. She has many talents, such as playing the guitar, skating,...

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Baruch Constantine


Baruch Constantine is a 17-year-old boy who is the embodiment of the oldest, grumpiest man. Baruch enjoys playing “Magic: The Gathering,” working, sitting on his porch, and swinging his cane at small children who pass by. He...

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Josie Duran


Josie Duran is a sophomore (physically at least, because mentally that's another story). She can eat three whole cookies at once, and even an entire Smuckers in one bite when prompted. She’s the queen of bad dad jokes and an ...

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Bacilio Benelalija


This is Bacilio Benelalija. Although his name is a mouthful, he's actually pretty simple. He is a sophomore at Santa Fe High, though he previously went to St Michael's High School. He is always found with a Smuckers and a friend...

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Harvey McGuinness


Harvey McGuinness—when he isn’t destroying Texas at 110 mph—is a studious sophomore just beginning what will at least be a year-long career in journalism. Outside of standard school, he spends his time juggling six clubs, a jo...

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Leila Pierpont


Leila Pierpont is a sophomore at Santa Fe High. She enjoys playing volleyball, which is basically all she does. Other than that, her life consists of binge-watching TV shows and procrastinating on homework that she really, real...

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Maximilian Looft


Maximilian Looft is a sophomore, but this is his first year as a journalist and at SFHS. He’s originally from New Jersey and will always consider himself as a Jersian, even if the state doesn’t have the best reputation. As of now...

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Ashley Aguilar


Ashley Aguilar is a freshman who spends her life on Netflix and taking Buzzfeed quizzes for no reason. At first, she is really shy, but once you actually get to meet her, she won’t shut up. She enjoys going on long runs, swimming,...

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Britsy Madrid


Britsy Madrid is a freshman at Santa Fe High School. She is shy at first, but once you get to know her she will be the most crazy and energetic person you will ever meet. Britsy likes to dance ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, folkloric...

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Carlos Rivas


Welcome, welcome all to Carlos’s bio. Carlos Rivas is an energetic and fun person to be around. Carlos likes to skateboard in his free time, sliding down rails with his board. He hates to see people who don't even skate wear ...

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Elijah Payne


Elijah Payne is the type of guy to do his work on his own time, and when he does, he does his best to help out his career. Elijah is also known to write and produce music. His music is his “life” because without music, he...

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Indira Tho-Biaz Wilder


Indira Tho-Biaz Wilder is a freshman who has always been destined to be a Demon. She has always been interested in writing, so being in journalism class is right where she wants to be. She is often tired because she doesn’t...

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Ivy St. Clair


Ivy St. Clair is a freshman with a strong passion for musical theater, volleyball, and alt-rock. She spends far too much time memorizing the soundtracks to various Broadway musicals and doing her eyebrows. She likes sci-fi novels and...

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Jeremy Martinez


Jeremy Martinez likes to be involved with the outdoors. He likes to hunt and fish whenever he gets a chance. He feels that he could make it in the country, but sports play a big role in his day-to-day life. Jeremy has a couple...

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Leslie Pacheco


Leslie Pacheco is a freshman who enjoys hanging out with friends and family. She enjoys going out for lunch, going to the movies, shopping, or just ordering pizza and talking for hours with people she enjoys being with. Leslie ...

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Lincoln Byrd


Lincoln Byrd is smart student, a freshman coming from St. Michael’s. He is very interested in sports, and by that he means watching sports, because he is a terrible athlete. Lincoln has a passion for listening to country music, A...

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Maria Yassopoulos


Maria Yassopoulos is a very determined girl who is interested in law as a career. It’s pretty obvious that she likes cats. She values her family and considers only a few people her friends. In her alone time, she listens to...

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Sage Merriam


Sage Merriam is a freshman this year and is excited to be part of the Demon Tattler Squad. She enjoys spending time with family, her friends, and her cat. Sage’s hobbies include reading, writing, and watching mediocre television....

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Tiffany Coblentz


Tiffany Coblentz is a freshman this year. She likes photography, music, YouTube and the outdoors. She spends most of her free time going outside or going on adventures. Cooking and baking is what she’s best at, and she will do ...

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Veronica Serrano


Veronica Serrano is a freshman who enjoys playing soccer and running track, but she will play any sport for fun. She is very shy at first, but when you get to know her she is very loud and relatable. Veronica is very much like an ave...

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Will Germann


William, better known as Will, is a freshman who enjoys watching soccer and playing basketball. He likes to root for Manchester City and the Phoenix Suns. Coming from St. Mike’s, he is excited to get back into the realm of public sc...

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Barbara Gerber


Originally from Seaford, New York, Ms. Gerber earned a degree in English Literature from San Francisco State University in 1987 and moved to Santa Fe shortly after. After working in the natural foods industry and as a freelance...

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