Lewis Delahunty


Emmarose Martinez, Author

Lewis Delahunty joined the staff of SFHS in 2022, where he teaches special-education English.  

Originally from Long Beach, Calif,, Mr. Delahunty moved to New Mexico because of the state’s beautiful outdoors. He loves mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding, and his wife is an artist, so moving to New Mexico “just made sense,” he said. 

Mr. Delahunty earned his undergraduate degree at California State University, Long Beach, and his master’s and teaching credentials at California State University, Fullerton. However, he didn’t always know he was going to go down the path of teaching. He even explored some life-saving jobs, such as firefighting and working as an EMT on an ambulance, first. However, due to the “stressfulness and trauma” caused by those jobs, Mr. Delahunty decided to reconsider his career path. 

He liked the idea of teaching and being able to “help students for the rest of their lives, not strictly just immediately.” He was drawn by the fact that as a first responder, he had been “immediately helping someone rather than helping someone for the rest of their lives.” 

Mr. Delahunty began teaching in 2016. He was inspired to teach special-ed students specifically because of the troubles he experienced in high school. “I was a difficult student in high school, and I never felt like I had a mentor to talk to that I could trust,” Mr. Delahunty explained. He hopes to be an advocate for students who have a difficult time in high school, and he wants to be able to form connections with his students that he lacked with his own teachers. 

Mr. Delahunty loves the students at SFHS, and his coworkers, and he hopes to continue his teaching journey here in the years to come.