Leslie Karasic


Caleb Hoyle

Leslie Karasic, a history and math co-teacher, joined the staff of Santa Fe High in 2015. She is from New Jersey, near Asbury Park, and attended Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass. 

Ms. Karasic studied abroad in Israel and worked on a kibbutz, which is a communal settlement, while studying Hebrew. She realized she wanted to pursue education after teaching  English to Russian immigrants. Her previous goal was to become the first female president. However, after working on several political campaigns, she realized that she did not wish to be  in politics.

She moved to New Mexico in 2000 because she wanted to be in a sunny locale. Her family convinced her to move from dismal San Francisco to sunny Santa Fe. 

Before she taught in New Mexico, Ms. Karasic was a training manager for Bed Bath and Beyond. She told a story about the time the store went dark. She said that many of her high school employees were unable to  accurately calculate sales tax that day. She stated, “I was so shocked that these kids could not do simple math.” This was another reason why she wanted to become an educator.

After earning her New Mexico teaching license, she taught at Ortiz Middle School for 10 years as a special educator. 

One of the main things she enjoys about her profession is to see students get on with their dreams in life and graduate. She wants students to do their best and discover their passion.

She also enjoys seeing kids finally being present or participating in something that they have trouble with. For example, she said, “It warms my heart when a student who struggles to present finally gets the courage to share what they have.”

Ms. Karasic loves to read, write, travel, and to be with family. One reason she loves to travel is to “see history come to life.” 

She has been married for 10 years and is currently in graduate school, working toward a Masters of Education: Gifted Pedagogy.