Clovis Wins on Heroes Night


Rylan W. Martinez, Editor

On Friday, Oct. 8, another Santa Fe Football Varsity home game — as expected, if you’re a Demons fan. However, even though SFHS lost to Division rival Clovis, it was “heroes night” on the field.

Retired police officers, current police officers, military veterans, current military soldiers, firefighters and more were welcomed in the stadium free of charge to honor those who serve us during these troubling times. However, despite the good energy brought by our men and women in uniforms, our rivals still won.

Starting strong in the first half, 14 – 6, it would only be in the third quarter that the Demons would lose their lead. Not to mention during the second quarter, as the game was in play, a young man of unknown identity stole a football. (After the game, this person posted his crowning achievement on social media.) Besides that bit of drama, in the third quarter, Clovis caught up, making the teams tied ay the end of the quarter, 21-21. All it took was one interception by the Clovis defense to end the game 28-21.