Our Cavalry, always number one but yet our Division Rivalry still won!


Rylan W. Martinez, Editor

On Friday, October 8th, 2021 – Another Santa Fe Football, Varsity home game as expected if you’re a demons football fan. However ironically even though we had lost to our division rivals, Clovis, it was “hero’s night” on the field that game. Hero’s being retired police officers, current police officers, military veterans, current military soldiers, FireFighters, etc. were welcomed on the field free of charge from any admission. The reason why that was, it was a way our demon football program could honor those serving us during these troubling times. However, even with good energy brought to everyone in the stadium by our men and women in their uniforms, our rivalry still won anyway. Starting strong in the first half 14 – 6, it would only be in the third quarter that our varsity football team would be goofing up play after play. Not to mention during the second quarter, right as the game was still in play, a young man of unknown identity stole a football.
Everyone wondered where the ball was and yet it would be in the hands of this young man. This doesn’t sound as bad as we make it, but Santa Fe High Footballs are considered to be school property. A minor offense indeed, wouldn’t be so bad as if this young man didn’t post his crowning achievement on social media right after the game. Besides that bit of news, in the third quarter, Clovis catches up, making us tie the end of the quarter, 21 all. But not being enough, all it took was one interception by the Clovis defense to end the game 28 – 21. Funny how it even being hero’s night (as mentioned before) with our police force and security all over the stadium, not only our football team loses, but a young man (Said to might be from a private middle school) would take off with school property right on the field, right during the game.