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Lords Mobile: Cha-ching!

Lords Mobile: Cha-ching!

Lords Mobile, a popular game developed by IGG, has gained the favor of many strategy gamers. Although the game is popular, it isn’t as pleasant as it is shown.

According to Ar-Pay, the game was released in 2016 on IOS, Android, and Steam. As the game grew popular, it earned a variety of awards, one of which was the Google Play Awards for “Best Multiplayer Game” in 2017.

The game is categorized as a role-playing, real-time strategy, and city-building game. Players can gather resources, build their architectures, and expand their armies.

Most aspects of the game rely heavily on real-life money. The whales – people who spend a lot – dominate the normal players. As a result, the game lures a great number of people into spending more and more for their desires.

Although the game is considered entertaining, it is very unbalanced. The whales can build greater and higher-quality architectures and armies before the normal players can react.

The armies in-game are separated into five tiers, ranging from 1 to 5. Unless the players spend, it is nearly impossible for them to unlock the Tier 5 army, or it would take forever. The player needs to spend an incredible number of ancient tomes (mainly obtained by purchasing packs) to research the T5 army.

In addition to the army, the heroes in-game are separated between free and paid for. The heroes in the game are leaders and stat boosters of the armies. The paid-for heroes tend to be much stronger than the free heroes. The top three most expensive heroes each cost 10,000 real USD.

Not only does the game require money to build an army and obtain good heroes, but the game also requires it for the materials of gear. The gears are items that players craft by using materials. As compared to the whales, the normal players’ crafted gears are of no use. The whales could spend $10,000 and craft full Mythic Champion Gear that the normal players have no chance against. In addition to the mythic gear, the whales can also use australites – gear upgrading material mainly obtained from packs– to upgrade their gears further.

The game shouldn’t be attempted unless people are wealthy enough to afford it.

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    ScottFeb 29, 2024 at 11:39 pm

    Finally someone willing to post the full truth of the game!