Carlos Caldwell


Julia Rodriguez, Contributor

Carlos Caldwell is a History teacher at Santa Fe High. He has his bachelor’s degree in Arts in History from Southern Oregon University.

Mr. Caldwell was originally an English major, but while reading an assigned text he found himself intrigued by the background of the story and wanted to know more about the history.

When asked why he became a teacher, he said, “I enjoyed my teenage years, though I was a terrible student. College showed me how amazing education could be and I wanted to share that with kids.” He also mentioned a book called Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, that really changed his views on education.

“I love my job because I know that kids really do want to learn,” he said. “Figuring out how to tap into their desire to learn is challenging but really rewarding when it happens.” He teaches New Mexico History and AP European History.

Mr. Caldwell said his best teaching story is when a student who wanted to interview him told him it was because “all the other good teachers were taken.”

In his free time, Mr. Caldwell claims to impersonate G-Eazy while “dropping educational rhymes.”

“But no one can prove it,” he said. “My YouTube channel is still waiting to drop….”

He also enjoys skateboarding and hanging out with his wife and young daughter.