Working Toward a Brighter Future for All Students

Angelese Quintana

The Senior Mentorship Program has been thriving for three years at Santa Fe High School. Assistant Principal Mr. Granado started the program to help struggling freshmen get into the groove of high school.

This year, Oscar Chavez, the school’s truancy officer, worked with the counselors and Mr. Granado to organize an event for the senior mentors to meet their freshmen and sophomore mentees. This event, on Oct. 23, was very successful.

During this event, there were a variety of activities to get the younger students comfortable with their mentors, pizza for lunch, and several speakers, including Mr. Granado, Mr. Marano, Mr. Chavez, the counselors, and Mary Louise Romero, who does restorative justice. The speakers all talked about how important it is for students to reach out when they need support to be successful in school so they can have a bright future.