The Joker Wins At The Box Office

The Joker Wins At The Box Office

Lincoln Byrd

The Joker, a new version of the movies based on the antagonist of the DC Comics Batman series, released on Oct. 4 and has now made approximately $556.6 million at the box office.

The psychological horror movie of failed comedian Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, shows the life of a mentally unstable character who lives with his mother and has an uncontrollable laughing condition. Fleck works as a clown during the day who tries to make ends meet while he dreams of becoming a comedian.

After realizing the malice and disorder that exist among the society elites in Gotham, Fleck goes on a murderous rampage disguised as a clown. Once people begin to take notice of his actions, a movement begins with the working class citizens of Gotham who, also dressed as clowns, take action against society.

The plot develops with Fleck slowly descending into madness and eventually becoming the criminal mastermind known as The Joker.

Despite getting high praise from most reviewers, the reaction was mixed when the film debuted in theaters. However, it has fared well in the box office, setting an October opening-weekend record and earning well over $500 million (as of Oct. 23), according to The New York Times.

Many people seem to be thrilled by The Joker, considering it a masterpiece that ranges from devastating to beautiful. Many also praise Phoenix for his brilliant performance (he is being considered for an Oscar), but others are upset about Jared Leto’s “Joker” not getting as much praise.

Jared Leto himself is quite outraged about the new Joker movie. He claims that he felt left out since they chose Joaquin Phoenix over him for the new film, and that it wasn’t the same without him.

Overall, the “Joker” has made headlines all around the world, and so far is one of the most successful thriller type movies of this century. It is very possible that this film could win several Oscars, and Joaquin Phoenix could win the award for Best Actor.