The White Shoe Comeback


Axel Merida

Why are white shoes coming back? Is it for the trend or for the style? Who was it that brought the shoes back into popularity? Was it just any person?

These types of shoes have been around longer than most would likely think. Starting out with the Nike Air Force 1 released in 1982 by Bruce Kilgore, the shoe quickly grew on people, and in little time it became one of the world’s most known iconic shoes, according to Audibl Wav.

When the Air Force shoes started to get introduced, rappers like Jay Z and Timbaland were wearing the shoes, bringing them into the spotlight.

Alongside Nike, another shoe company that would become iconic for today’s youth would start up only a few years later: Paul Van Doren began releasing Vans in 1966. The company was doing well, but wasn’t quite the powerhouse we see today. Then in 1988, the Van brothers sold the company to McCown De Leeuw & Co. for $74.4 million, according to Sneakulture. Soon people who weren’t into skateboarding were wearing the shoes, likely because it felt like a casual sneaker.

Around 1982, skateboarders started to appreciate the brand. Vans started to appear in skateboard magazines such as Thrasher, establishing their niche.

One student who prefers to remain anonymous said, “I mostly like to wear them just for fashion.”

Another said, “I got them for the trend and now I find them as an everyday sneaker.”

Now, in 2019, all-white shoes have seemingly come back again, with shoe companies such as Vans, Converse, and Fila coming on board. Yet at the same time, they are making their own creative spins with it, whether it be a double swoosh or a gum sole on the sneaker or homemade creative designs.