Demons Lose to Horsemen


Rylan W. Martinez

The Demons were defeated 32-28 by their crosstown rivals, the Horsemen, on Sept. 27.

The football game between St. Michael’s and Santa Fe High, like the past four  years, went to the Horsemen even though St. Mikes had been seeing nothing but losses and Santa Fe had been on a winning streak.

Lots of people went to the game — all three parking lots were packed with cars.

In the first half of the game, Santa Fe was up 14-6. But St. Mike’s came back in the second half with big points. 

The Demons’ defense played a little better than the offense, which let St. Mike’s defense ram right through them. 

This was a major loss for Santa Fe High. Fans hope for better luck next time when they play Aztec High on Oct. 4.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Santa Fe  8 6 6 8
St. Michael’s 6 0 12 14