Can the Demons Come Back to Beat the Horsemen?


Rylan W. Martinez

The Santa Fe High football team has been on a winning streak ever since they beat Moriarty 19-14, Española Valley 35-8, and Taos 30-15. Some fans were expecting 2019 to be for the Demons, but unfortunately after the loss against Bernalillo, 20-6, on Sept. 20, now Santa Fe High football fans don’t know who they should put their money on for the game against St. Michael’s on Sept. 27.

At the Bernalillo game, Santa Fe’s offense couldn’t keep the ball for more than ten minutes in the first half. In the second half, they went full on with everything they had to a point where they finally jumped for a touchdown.

But fortunately there might be hope for the demons to redeem themselves after that loss, because according to, the Horsemen have seen nothing but losses for their four past games. So far, Santa Fe has the higher rank of 37th while St. Mike’s has a ranking of 56th.