Choir Performs and Goes to Camp


Aila Carr

This month, Mrs. Barnes and her choir classes, Beginning Womens, Advanced Womens, Mixed Choir and Beginning Men, will be going on an overnight trip to the Hummingbird Music Camp on Sept. 26 and 27.  

Hummingbird, located in Jemez Springs, N.M., which is about a two-hour bus ride from SFHS, is a music and art camp. At the camp, the students will be practicing songs for fun and for concerts in the future. They will also play games around the camp and go on a hike near the end of the trip. The students will stay in cabins and will be provided meals, thanks to the Hummingbird staff. 

So far this year the choir classes have only had one performance together, at the beginning of the year potluck, where each class got to perform. Advanced Mixed Choir also performed at the Santa Fe Opera with the internationally famous Bobby McFerrin. The choir classes will have many more performances throughout the year.