Demon Tennis Gets New Courts


Kaitlyn Cook

Santa Fe High opened a new set of tennis courts worth $2.4 million on Sept. 3. The courts, located behind the student parking lot, are a lot closer to the other sports fields.

Maureen Cashmon, a school board member whose children played on the tennis team, had been pushing for the new courts for five or six years before the demolition initially started in November 2018. The older courts had huge cracks with weeds growing through them, and the location of those courts, at the corner of Siringo and Yucca, at the front of the school, was not the best.

The courts are painted blue and gold, the benches are covered for the players, and there is plenty of space for the spectators. “It is nice to have a facility that is safe for the students,” said Coach Bonnie Rogers. “Hopefully these courts will be well monitored by the school to protect them from being vandalized or abused.” 

Not only will the tennis team be able to practice on the courts, but the P.E. classes will also be allowed to use the courts with teacher supervision.

“Hopefully, the tennis students will take pride in these courts and they will help improve their progress,” Coach Rogers stated.  

“Let’s bring home a championship!” Ms. Cashmon said at the opening. “No pressure!”