Commentary: Dream Team Advocates for Human Rights


Maria Tiscareño, Author

The New Mexico Dream Team has a lot to it, and it needs massive support for it to keep growing. We can start by saying that it’s all about multigenerational, undocumented, LGBTQ+, and mixed-status families being supported in their struggle towards liberation. They are fighting for the rights that we all deserve. This all happens with the trainings and leadership development that occur at meetings and gather-ups.  

Since the election of Donald Trump, attacks against people of color, immigrants, refugees, workers, and LGBTQ+ people have increased in the United States. Undocumented people are afraid of being here when they don’t do anything wrong and all they want are opportunities to succeed just like U.S. citizens. People are discriminated against and are being treated differently from white people because of the color of their skin. Different religious groups and LGBTQ+ people are also getting judged and harassed.

Immigrants live afraid and are not being able to work properly. They are worrying about immigration when they are doing their work and trying to support their families.

For education, we don’t all get the same opportunities — it’s different for immigrant kids and American kids. When innocent families are separated, kids get their opportunities ripped off and are left alone to suffer in fear. All that the Dream Team asks for is to increase education and decrease deportation; for the rights to freedom and opportunity; for freedom from discrimination, being singled out, persecuted, or even possibly losing their lives simply because of their identity in any intersectionality like their sexual identity.               

Several education campaigns are currently in progress.

At the annual student-led Educators Summit on April 21, the distinct barriers that undocumented students face beyond their immigration status were addressed, including being of color, low-income, first generation, or LGBTQ+.

“Our Dream Campus” is a campaign led by students, educators, and allies made to increase the capacity of schools and colleges in New Mexico to become liberating spaces for individuals to grow.

This DreamZone training is another opportunity for educators to become “Undocu Allies” for undocumented students and families. This training has been developed by undocumented youth to speak up for their experience of the higher education system.