Oscar Chavez


Ashley Contreras, Author

Oscar Chavez is a truancy coach who joined the Demon community in March 2019.

Originally from Santa Fe, Mr. Chavez graduated from Santa Fe High in 2012. He played on Demon basketball for all four years.

Mr. Chavez earned his bachelor’s degree in criminology at the University of New Mexico, with minors in psychology and Spanish. He is currently enrolled at Santa Fe Community College in the Teaching Academy pursuing his teaching license.

When asked why he became a truancy coach he said, “After college I was having a hard time finding work, and one day I came across a truancy coach position at a charter school and gave it a shot.” Ever since then, he said, “It’s been something I enjoy. Being able to help and work with the youth of Santa Fe makes it that much more enjoyable.”

In his free time, Mr. Chavez enjoys hanging out with his friends, family and girlfriend. He also plays and coaches basketball. He coached at Tierra Encantada Charter School for one year and currently coaches at a school that he said “will not be named due to a city rivalry.”