Dodie Clark Raises Awareness of Mental Health

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Dodie Clark Raises Awareness of Mental Health

Yahzmin Ortega, Author

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Dorothy Miranda (Dodie) Clark is an English singer-songwriter and author on YouTube. Dodie posted her first video, Rain (an original song), in 2014, starting her YouTube career. From then on Dodie has posted covers and original songs on her main channel ¨doddleoddle.¨ She also posts vlogs and life updates on doddlevloggle. Throughout her YouTube career, Dodie has received treatment for depression and anxiety.

Dodie’s need to feel close to her audience allowed her to grow as a person and share her issues. It also allowed her to bring insight to people who have little to no knowledge of her particular mental illness.

Dodie suffers from a type of dissociative disorder called “depersonalization/derealization.” It is described as feeling detached from one’s mind and body, constantly dreaming although the person is still completely in touch with reality.

There are times when Dodie and others feel she is oversharing. Dodie posted a video, called “am i oversharingggg too much” on doddlevloggle, addressing the issue with YouTuber, friend, and roommate Hazel Hayes. It seems that in some cases she has crossed the line with what she can talk about without triggering others’ mental illnesses. Hazel has told Dodie that watching her videos has triggered her own mental health issues.

Sarah Hackworth from the website Odyssey helps point out this issue by saying, “With mental health issues, there is a strong desire to reach out for understanding, because these illnesses often distance people from those close to them or make them feel like a burden.”

Dodie has also written a book, Secrets for the Mad: Obsessions, Confessions and Life Lessons, published in 2017. The book includes all the important things she has experienced and thought about. She gets into personal topics such as her experience with abuse in relationships and insecurities. She shares a lot in the book as she does online, but the book is more intimate, including pictures, colors and intimate things shared. She uses the book as if it were a diary to share with the world; the experiences that she shares with her fans feel genuine and real.

In Secrets for the Mad, Dodie writes, “My rotting brain had lied to me; of course talking would help. Of course my loving, caring friends telling me it would get better would help. They fed ropes down the hold I’d been digging, and even if they couldn’t pull me up, they at least reminded me that there was a world beyond this, where I’d been before.”

Dodie has put out four EPs. Finishing her tour in the U.S., she released a new song titled “If I’m Being Honest” and a music video in November. She has another EP on the way called Human, which was scheduled to be released Jan. 11.

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