From One Student To Another: 8 Tips For School Success


Maria Tiscareño, Author

Life can be really hard at school. Do you need tips to know how to do well? Or do better? I’ll help you out. I’ve gone through this.

1. Do work right away.
It’s better to get things together fast and turn in work when it is due because you’re going to be behind if you don’t. Mountains of work can start building up, and your stress levels will as well, and that is not healthy.

2. Be organized.
First of all, you have to be organized because things will be easier to find and you won’t lose the work you have done or that you need to get done. Make sure to have a notebook and folders/binders for each class so everything isn’t all over the place.

3. Use a planner.
Having a planner can help a lot to write down what and when something is due or just to remind yourself of what you have to work on. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a book planner—it can be on your cell phone. You just need something you can have access to and that can remind you.

4. Take notes.
It is a good idea to write down everything your teacher does on the board. It will help you so much because it’s easier to study and/or to use them for quizzes and tests if your teacher allows it.

5. Sleep.
Make sure you get enough sleep at night, at least seven to nine hours. It is very important because you won’t be super sleepy the next morning, and you will be able to focus much better.

6 Eat.
Try to eat something in the morning; it gives you more energy.

7. Get ready the night before.
Always be prepared the day before so you don’t have to rush to get to school in the morning and you don’t forget anything.

8. Remove distractions.
The distractions you get during school affect you a lot, for example, your phone. Yes, sometimes you can use it for certain things like homework or anything that includes school, and sometimes music helps you concentrate, but you have to learn when to put it away to stay away from problems and distractions. Make sure you pay attention when the teacher is talking; don’t be disrespectful and take your phone out or talk to your neighbor. It doesn’t only benefit the teacher but also yourself so you know what you have to do and you will not be lost.

It’s really important to get good grades in high school because if you desire to go to college, good grades will help you get into a better college or university. Also, good grades earn you money—they will open the door to many scholarships.