Detroit: Become Human Is Direct Descendant of Megaman and Mass Effect

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Detroit: Become Human Is Direct Descendant of Megaman and Mass Effect

Trishawna Lovato, Author

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Video games, we all know and love them. In the late 1970s, video games started a revolution of entertainment both at home and in arcades. For the past 40 years, video gaming has evolved into what we know and love today.

But many of those early works of art have advanced and are still with us today. One of them is Rockman, or Megaman.

The first game of Rockman was one of the hardest games ever. The game consisted of eight main robot bosses that the player could pick out of order, depending on how well they knew their weaknesses. The last boss to fight would be Dr. Wily, the creator of the bosses. Megaman got his upgrades delivered by Dr. Light, the man who created him.

The second game gained more and more recognition. However, a retro game reviewer who calls himself The Angry Video Game Nerd says of the cover art, “That’s why they held an art contest in Nintendo Power magazines for kids to submit their own designs and they picked out the winner. But that’s not true, I just made that up. What actually happened was they picked the loser.”

Although the cover art was a minor setback for the game series, as the graphics got much better, the game got better until a new game came out. During the new Megaman X series, it went downhill at their fifth installment of the game. Many players of the original Megaman series started to hate the new X games. They said the games were not following a simple timeline.

The Mass Effect games series did a similar thing although many of the games after the first disk took a different turn. It took an element from Megaman X in which the player took control of a character named Commander Shepard, who traversed through space and ended up getting killed in the end, but based on the player’s decision toward the end of the third disk.

However, a new game now, Detroit: Become Human, has the same process due to how the game is played. Both Megaman and D: BH revolve around sentient robots or androids. Both want good things for humans although one of them, Connor, can turn into a deviant, becoming more human in their terms. Megaman, or Rock, as he is called by his sister Roll and Dr. Light, is as human as he can be. He hates fighting but also hates injustice.

Both Connor (RK800) and Rock (Megaman) are characters who are trying to bring justice to those who aren’t able to fight for themselves while X and Commander Shepard are of military origin. Although they are from three games from four different eras, they have characters that people can relate to in some way.

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