Antonina Romp


Jessica Castaneda, Author

Antonina Romp is an algebra teacher who joined the staff of Santa Fe High in 2018. She loves math and enjoys teaching it.

Mrs. Romp is a graduate of Santa Fe High. “I’m excited to be a part of a staff that helps students succeed in their education,” she said. She earned her bachelor’s degree in education from Benedictine College, in Kansas.

Mrs. Romp said she loves building relationships with students. She also likes when kids come to her for help. “I enjoy the challenge to help them,” she said.

Mrs. Romp has three children and two grandchildren.

Outside of school she is the director of a ballet folklorico dance group, Los Niños de Santa Fe y Compania. She also has two outreach programs in the public schools that serve all students. She explained, “Through dance, students are able to learn about the history of other ethnic influences that has defined folkloric dance of Mexico.”