Davin Cox


Katherine Salazar, Author

Davin Cox teaches algebra 1 and geometry. He started teaching at Santa Fe High in 2018 after six years at Gonzales Community School and eight years at De Vargas Middle School. “I like being at Santa Fe High,” he said. “I really enjoy it. It’s a nice change of environment.”

Originally from Colorado Springs, Mr. Cox earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. “I loved it there,” he said of the town. “I still have friends and family there — my oldest daughter still lives there.”

He earned a master of arts degree from St. John’s College, in addition to a master of arts in Eastern Classics. He did the coursework for his teaching license at Santa Fe Community College.

Mr. Cox said he loves teaching because some of his friends and family always needed some kind of help in school, and he learns something new every day. “I just found teaching interesting,” he explained. “And I chose to teach these classes because I like to help people.”

He also likes the schedule since he is off from school when his kids are off, and he gets to spend time with them.

In his free time, Mr. Cox likes to play his music very loud — he is a bit of a drummer and he also plays piano sometimes. In addition, he said, “I like doing outdoor activities.”