Eraldino Roybal

Eraldino Roybal

Maria Yassopulos, Author

Eraldino Roybal, or “Dino,” teaches English, New Mexico History, and Environmental Science. “Young people keep me young and active,” he said.

Mr. Roybal attended Northwest University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in history. He then earned his master’s in ethnic studies from San Jose State University and his graduate credential in special education with a speciality in specific learning disabilities from California State University. Later, he attended the University of New Mexico where he received graduate training in assistive technology for special education. He has various licenses and several endorsements.

Originally from Santa Fe, Mr. Roybal said he was the last of his generation to attend school in his native language, Spanish. “We learned English when we went to school,” he explained, adding that all of his friends spoke Spanish at home. As English became more prevalent, students learned English at home and attended school as English speakers. But when Mr. Roybal began his teaching career, bilingual programs were becoming more prevalent because communities did not want to forget their heritage.

When Mr. Roybal was in his sophomore year of high school, he decided he wanted to become a teacher or a coach. “I like to help people,” he said. He has taught in many schools in the district, including coaching track at SFHS in the early 1980’s. “It’s been a lot of fun,” he said. “I try to make it fun.”

Mr. Roybal said he came back to Santa Fe High in 2016 because he loves the school, the students, and the people who work here. “They are extremely dedicated,” he said. “I’m encouraged and blessed every single day.”

 Mr. Roybal’s hobbies include teaching dance and dancing salsa, swing, and ballroom. He likes to hike with his two dogs and explore, as well as participate in sports.

 In his free time Mr. Roybal works on his house and hopes that one day he can “finish it and die peacefully.” He also likes to spend time with his two grown children, whom he loves dearly.