Claire Noonan


Ivy St. Clair, Author

Claire Noonan, a ninth-grade biology teacher, joined the staff at Santa Fe High in 2017.

A Santa Fe native, Ms. Noonan earned her bachelor’s degree from UNM. She is currently working toward her master’s degree in education through Eastern New Mexico University.

Ms. Noonan chose to be a teacher because of her passion for learning and discovering new things. “I enjoy science and I enjoy encouraging students to have curiosity and seek answers to their questions,” she said.

Though Ms. Noonan adores teaching biology, her background is in environmental resources engineering. She said she would love to teach a branch of environmental science.

Ms. Noonan likes working with students and how each one takes a different perspective and asks entirely new questions. “Everyone needs support in a slightly different way, so I try to make sure that everyone can be included in the lesson,” she said. “It’s a really big challenge… it tests me. I feel like I’m doing something that matters.”

Ms. Noonan also enjoys the support and close-knit community she has found here at Santa Fe High. “Other master teachers have been very helpful in providing resources, helping me get set up, sharing equipment, labs, and lesson plans, and I really appreciate that,” she said.

In her free time, Ms. Noonan spends time in the outdoors, works in her garden, and makes pottery.