Demonette Volleyball On The Rise


Ivy St. Clair, Author

The Santa Fe High varsity volleyball team has started this season with a bang. From placing in the Silver bracket at a tournament in Roswell to having a 6-5 record as of Sept. 28, they’re making a strong impression.

Though 6A competition can be brutal, as of Sept. 21, the team is ranked seventh in their division statewide, with outside hitter and sophomore Salome Romp holding the highest number of kills.

“All of the team’s hard work has really paid off,” Salome said. “I wouldn’t be able to do any of it without a single one of my teammates.”

Two other sophomore powerhouses include middle hitters Leila Pierpont and Ainsley Reynolds-Smith. Leila says, “We are not only playing for ourselves and to win, but for each other and the team.”

Also, with such a powerful group of seniors, this team is hard to miss. Adonica Baca (second in kills statewide), Viviana Ortega (first in serves statewide), Adriana Catanach (first in digs statewide), Bella Trujillo and Rachel Jarzemba are all seniors this year and are making the most of their last year of high school volleyball.

The varsity squad also includes three juniors, Ciara Morgan, Alyssa Sandoval, and Taliyah Balladares.

Each player says this team made them not only work harder on the court, but in all aspects of their lives. “It’s made me look forward to school!” Bella says, adding that the team has taught them responsibility, collaboration, dedication and how to trust others. Although none of them plan on playing college, Viviana says, “We all have enough love of it to continue playing.”

The varsity’s two coaches — Head Coach Sam Estrada, Assistant Coach Josie Adams are both veterans to the game.

Demon volleyball has an impressive group of girls who are all committed to their sport. With a deep bench from C-team to varsity, there is no lack of passion.