Annette Schepps


Jade Montoya, Contributor

Annette Schepps, registrar, is not your typical office worker. A vibrant personality with a vibe of pure good intentions, mother of three, New York Giants fan, and a SFHS graduate, Ms. Schepps says she is trying to “change the world.”

A Santa Fe native, Ms. Schepps intended to become a social-work counselor. She said she loves helping people and is definitely a people person: “I love kids and try to encourage them as much as I can. I try to tell them they’re almost there because they need the push to achieve the goals that they have set.”

Ms. Schepps said she enjoys working with students and helping in any way she can, but her main job and joy in life is being a mother. From her eldest son, who is close to graduating, to her 7-year-old daughter, she has her hands full. “Every mom says they enjoy being a mother, but I really do,” she said. “We’re very close, and it’s an incredible learning experience.”