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AP Exam Season Ends


The AP program held a multitude of exams this year for the SFHS community. But what exactly is the AP program? 

AP stands for Advanced Placement. This program, run by College Board, offers at least one out of 38 courses in around 70 percent of the nation’s high schools. These classes are designed to give students an idea of what an intro-level college class might feel and look like. AP classes on a transcript give college applications a bit of a boost, and they can prove that the student is willing to work hard. 

Courses exist for these subjects: art, math, computer science, history, world languages and cultures, sciences, and English. 

Santa Fe High offers 20 AP courses that students can enroll in, and the only thing that might stop you is grade level. Some classes you simply might not take as a freshman or sophomore. 

“Choose the class because you’re interested,” said Emma Wade, a freshman who took human geography.

Let’s talk about the exam. 

Exams are held for each course at the end of the second semester; this year they were from May 6 through 17. Each test starts at either 8 a.m. or noon.

Exams are scored on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest score. They cover all the material learned over the year in that course. Students typically can manage to get college credit if they score a 4 or 5 on an exam, though it varies by college or university. A student can take an exam even if they have not taken the class.

Taking this test does cost money. Each exam this year cost $98, but the district subsidized the fees, so students had to pay just $60 (except for certain classes). Students who are on free and reduced lunch paid just $3. Fees also apply if students have scheduled a test and then decide not to take it, or who register late; these fees are $40. 

Students who do not do well on an exam don’t need to worry, as colleges do not look at scores unless applicants want them to. 

“I’m very scared,” said freshman Olivia Liley before taking her human geography exam. 

A junior offered this advice: “Just look through every question thoroughly because there might be something small you could miss,” said MJ Hutton, who has previously taken exams. “Don’t stress about the class, but do try to pass because it matters on your transcript.” 

For more information about exams and classes, visit the College Board website or talk to your counselor.

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