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Is Security Ramping Up? Or Are We Just Imagining It?


Since the arrival of interim principal Mr. Lain, many people have noticed changes across the Santa Fe High campus, particularly when it comes to the ramped-up efforts of the security staff around campus.

Since Mr. Vincent left his position as principal, there has been a shift in what safety aides have focused on around campus. These changes include cracking down on non-seniors leaving campus for lunch, tightening patrols to prevent students from ditching class (including removing kids from the library when they should be in class), and checking on students who wander the halls during class time. 

Walter Garcia, one of seven safety aides who patrol the campus, stated that he believes “Security has gotten stricter, especially with the kids being out of class” since Mr. Lain made his arrival. 

Although most of the staff and students at Santa Fe High believe that security has become more strict, Mr. Lain disagrees: “It is pretty much the same.” He explained further that when it comes to campus security, he is “very impressed” and finds the aides to be “well organized.”

“The number one goal is to protect all the students and staff,” he said. 

Similar to Mr. Lain, Stan Mascarenas, the dean of students, said he believes that security has not gotten more strict but can understand why Santa Fe High staff and students believe it has. And though he stated that the number of fights has decreased, he doesn’t attribute that to stricter security. He explained, “As far as the safety aspect, I believe fights have gone down, which can be attributed to the Restorative Justice Program.” 

Listening to students’ voices around campus, one freshman who wants to remain anonymous believes that security has been getting progressively more strict. She stated, “They are always lurking, and they assume the worst.” 

Another freshman who would also like to remain anonymous chimed in by declaring, “It’s the new principal’s fault.”

Sophomore Matthew Abeyta disagrees, stating, “Security hasn’t changed since I’ve been here.” 

Vice Principal Amanda Chavez clarified that students believe security is strict because “we’re telling you what you’re supposed to be doing at school. We’re not here to be your friend – we’re here to keep you safe.” 

Although the opinions surrounding security are split between staff and students, it is abundantly clear that the safety aides are dedicated to doing their job and keeping everyone safe.

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