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Donate Blood — Save a Life

Donate Blood -- Save a Life

The upcoming blood drive, sponsored by National Honor Society, is to help people who lose blood during accidents or who need blood frequently because they have anemia or other disorders that require them to have blood transfusions.

Biology teacher and NHS adviser Mr. Pitman said, “Vitalant collects blood. They have a year-round donation all around town and then they donate blood to special places.”

According to Vitalant.org, the Vitalant Blood Drive is the largest nonprofit blood and biotherapies healthcare organization that provides hospitals and patients across the U.S. a safe blood supply.

Santa Fe High’s National Honor Society organizes two blood drives a year in Santa Fe High School. 

People who donate blood have to weigh at least 120 pounds. Students who want to donate have to be at least 16, with parental permission, but if they are 17 or 18, they can donate without parental permission, Mr. Pitman said, adding that people who choose at the last minute to donate blood can walk in.

SFHS senior Luis Flores has donated blood throughout his high school years. He said, “The first time I went, I was a bit nervous, but it got easier throughout the years.” He also added, “Not only does it help others but it also helps to know if you need help physically too. You get to learn about your mental and physical states once they study your blood and can also save your own life too.”

Students who donate blood three times can earn a red cord for graduation. Students don’t have to donate blood on campus. Seniors who want to get a red cord for graduation can make this happen before graduation day. “Somebody who’s a senior can donate in March, wait six weeks and donate, and wait six weeks and donate, and could get close to earning a red cord for graduation,” said Mr. Pitman. 

NHS tries to get students into community service; it also offers helpful advice about applying for scholarships and colleges “They also offer scholarships of their own to students in the program,” said Mr. Pitman.

If you choose to donate blood, you can go to Mr. Pitman’s classroom, SCI- 231, located on the bottom floor of  the science building, or you can scan the QR code on a poster that’s on campus. It’s not too late to save someone’s life by donating blood.

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