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What are your views on the Plaza obelisk?


In 2020, a group of activists caused controversy by knocking down the obelisk on the Santa Fe Plaza. Despite the passage of time, it has not been repaired or replaced, and a big wooden box sits in its place.

Demon Tattler reporters Josh Tapia and Angelo Pargas asked several Santa Fe High staff and students to share their opinions about the Soldiers Monument.


Restorative justice coordinator Mary Louise Romero, who is Native American, said, “The conquistadors made peace with Native Americans. So, tearing it down was wrong. I discussed it with my family, and they agreed with me. I think they wanted to show support for our people, but they did it in the wrong way.”
Ruben Meraz, a student, said, “It was very sad. It had been there for a long time, so it’s sad that they took it down. It was part of our history.”


Coach Holladay said, “I felt it was wrong. You don’t forget history, good or bad. Santa Fe has a long history; some of it is good, and some of it is not. In my opinion, historical statues should not have been brought down in the last four years. If we erase history, we can’t learn from it and may repeat it. I think the people who removed it should have been charged and punished. I believe historical figures and statues are important to our history.”
Mr. Buhl said, “I have mixed feelings about this. I think it could have been changed in a better way. There were wrong things said on it, but tearing it down like that was not the right way. They should have changed it instead of tearing it down.”







Mr. Robbins said, “I think the city council needs to move faster and not leave it as a box in the center of the plaza. I understand they hired a company to fix it, but I feel the same as Holladay. It was wrong for them to take it down the way they did. You can’t just tear down an obelisk.”


Dylan Starr-Salcido said that they should have torn it down, but “they should not try to erase New Mexican History.”

What happens next? Will they simply reconstruct the obelisk as it was, rebuild it with different wording, or create a new history, explaining why it was torn down and rebuilt? Or will something totally different be placed in the center of the plaza?

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