Chris Eadie


Nina Wickert and Meghan Lee, Contributors

“I literally fell into teaching,” said Christopher Eadie, who has taught at Santa Fe High since 1997.

Mr. Eadie grew up in a family of educators, which made him reluctant to pursue such a career. But after falling and breaking his leg in a soccer game two weeks before the start of his bike-tour job, he had to go back home and miss the beginning of his new career. During his recovery, Mr. Eadie worked in the Education Department at Michigan State University and got inspired by the educators and education specialists he interacted with on a daily basis. He began to reconsider teaching as a viable career choice.

Mr. Eadie grew up in Ann Arbor, Mich., and graduated from Ann Arbor Huron High school in 1984 as a proud River Rat. He then attended the University of Michigan as an undergraduate student followed by the American University in Washington, D.C., as a graduate student, receiving degrees from each institution in International Relations. Though challenging and relevant, his job after graduation — as a policy analyst in the Foreign Agricultural Service — did not fulfill him.

“I never would have thought that I’d be a teacher,” he said. “It was never my first choice. Out of high school, I wanted to be an architect or a geologist. I then tried my hand at bicycle touring and foreign policy work. I later came to see that teaching was my true calling.”

He caught wind of a teaching certification program in Santa Fe and finally decided to submit his application in 1994. He earned his teaching certificate through the UNM/SFPS Intern Program a year later.

Mr. Eadie teaches AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, and Advanced Topics in Psychology. He chose these subjects because they fit his interests and his areas of expertise. “I like working with kids who seek academic challenge,” he said. “I love subjects that are intriguing and relevant to everyday life.”

In his free time, Mr. Eadie enjoys cooking, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, playing soccer, and even cleaning. Mr. Eadie loves to travel and has visited 40 countries. He especially enjoys planning international trips with his wife and son.