Students Produce Audio Narratives on Today’s Top Issues


Tattler Staff

Several Speech and Debate students wrote, edited, and produced audio narratives for Warehouse 21’s Theater of Emergency:
Loren Bachicha
Jane Gonzales
Reina Duran
Ali Karshmer (recorded, edited and produced)
Iris Kane
Jocelyn Garcia
Alex Gonzales Medina (recorded, edited, and produced)
Frankie Konold Stern
Dyami Marcus
The students explored these topics:
  • The Pressure of Success on Young Adults

  • Media, Tragedies and Commerce

  • Addiction and Empathy

  • Funding Sports vs. Performing Arts

  • How Public Education is Failing Us 

  • Young Love

  • Teen Dating Violence

“I’m so proud of these kids,” said Speech and Debate teacher Ms. Goldman.
To listen, click on the link and scroll down to Part 2: