Change of Command and Awards Ceremony at NJROTC


Tattler Staff

Cadet Staff for School Year 2023/2024

Company Commander/Commanding Officer: Cadet LCDR Niven Horvath 

Company Executive Officer: Cadet LT Shyanne Romero

Company Operations Officer: Cadet LTJG Emilio Leon

Company Supply Officer: Cadet ENS Robert Pyle

Command Senior Chief: Cadet SCPO Zakki Khan


Awards & Recipients

American Legion Award for Military Excellence: Cadet Curtis Seanez Smith 

American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence: Cadet Sawyer McIntosh

American Veterans JROTC Award: Cadet Yarelin Vicenti 

Celebrate Freedom Foundation JROTC Award for Excellence: Cadet Natalie Coblentz

Daedalian Junior ROTC Achievement Award: Cadet Emilio Leon

Daughters of the American Revolution JROTC Award: Cadet Wendy Munoz

Military Order of the Purple Heart: Cadet Shyanne Romero

Military Order of the World Wars JROTC Award: Cadet Alex Lopez

National Sojourners JROTC Award: Cadet Isaac Portillo

Navy League Teddy Roosevelt Leadership Award: Cadet Niven Horvath 

Non Commissioned Officers Association JROTC Award: Cadet Kael Denniston and Cadet Alex Saenz

Reserve Organization of America JROTC Award: Cadet Jasmine Masso 

Military Officers Association of America Award: Cadet Zakki Khan

Sons of the American Revolution Award: Cadet Finley Villegas-Chaney

Surface Navy Association Stephen Decatur Freshman Award: Cadet Justin Plummer

U.S. Daughters of the War of 1812 Award: Cadet Jacqueline Esparza

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Award: Cadet Jericho Anderson

Special Forces (Green Beret) Award for Excellence: Cadet Jaiden Carrillo

Veterans of the Foreign War Award: Cadet Liliana Gomez 

The Retired Enlisted Association Award: Cadet Bianca Gonzalez

Warrant Officers Association Bronze: Cadet Julieanna Turrietta 

Warrant Officers Association Silver: Cadet Roman Frontino

Warrant Officers Association Gold: Cadet Robert Pyle


Named to the 2023 NM JROTC All State Drill Team

Cadets Niven Horvath and Shyanne Romero


Honor Cadet (highest overall GPA)

9th Grade: Cadet Alex Saenz

10th Grade: Cadet Victor Montano

11th Grade: Cadet Niven Horvath

12th Grade: Cadet Jacob Mirabal


Distinguished Cadet (all things NJROTC)

Naval Science I: Cadet Sawyer McIntosh

Naval Science II: Cadet Jacqueline Esparza

Naval Science III: Cadet Niven Horvath

Naval Science IV: Cadet Jacob Mirabal


Marksmanship Awards

Bronze Achievement Badge

Cadet Natalie Coblentz

Cadet Salomon Martinez

Cadet Justin Plummer

Cadet Alex Saenz


Silver Achievement Badge

Cadet Hailey Hidalgo


Gold Achievement Badge

Cadet Isaac Portillo

Cadet Bianca Gonzalez 


Distinguished Shooter Badge

Cadet Jacob Mirabal


NJROTC Varsity Letter

Cadet Niven Horvath

Cadet Maira Juarez

Cadet Zakki Khan

Cadet Truitt Lemon

Cadet Emilio Leon

Cadet Jacob Mirabal

Cadet Shyanne Romero 


Graduating NJROTC Seniors

Cadet David Talamantes 

Cadet Kei Gallegos

Cadet Kalitaya Anderson 

Cadet Curtis Seanez Smith 

Cadet Mario Grado Saenz

Cadet Erica Vasquez 

Cadet Truitt Lemon 

Cadet Maira Juarez

Cadet Jacob Mirabal