Band Musicians Excel at Solo & Ensemble Festival


Tattler Staff

On May 6, 40 Santa Fe High band students competed at the New Mexico Music Educators Association Regional Solo & Ensemble Festival. Students performed individually (solo works) as in small chamber ensembles. The event is designed to help students prepare for collegiate scholarship auditions, the pressures of all-state auditions, and solo performances of major works.
“It takes a great deal of outside work, effort, and nerves to perform a solo in front of audiences and judges, and it is very difficult to receive a 1 or 2 rating,” band director Mr. Bellon said. “It’s also worth noting that for most, Solo & Ensemble is not a required part of our SFHS program. I’m very proud of these students for going above and beyond.”
These musicians won in NMMEA District IV:
  • Paige Tomkins, Flute – Best Flute or Double Reed Soloist
  • Addison Smith, Clarinet – Best Clarinet or Saxophone Soloist
  • Brody Silver, Percussion – Best Rudimental Percussion/Snare Drum Soloist
  • Lila Lindeen, Maya Harris, and Abigail Frey, FluteĀ  – Best Flute or Double Reed Ensemble
  • Dulcie Quinn and Nathaniel Steiger, Clarinet Duet – Best Clarinet or Saxophone Ensemble

These musicians were rated Superior:

  • Paige Tomkins, Flute
  • Paige Tomkins, Oboe
  • Lila Lindeen, Flute
  • Maya Harris, Flute
  • Abigail Frey, Flute
  • Addison Smith, Clarinet
  • Dulcie Quinn, Clarinet
  • Nathaniel Steiger, Clarinet
  • Sophia Buchan, Clarinet
  • Tyler Golden, Alto Saxophone
  • Gwen Muchmore, Trumpet
  • Roman Amador, Trombone
  • Leo Rodriguez Foss, Euphonium
  • Annalyn Gutierrez, Tuba
  • Dashiell Quinn, Percussion
  • Esmeralda Espino-Duarte, Percussion
  • Brody Silver, Percussion
  • Flute Trio: Lila Lindeen, Abigail Frey, Maya Harris
  • Clarinet Duet: Dulcie Quinn and Nathaniel Steiger
  • Trombone Duet: Jack Tager & Roman Amador
  • Percussion Ensemble: Maximiliano Garcia, Jazzlyn Quinones, Jasmine Manzanares, Brody Silver, John Sniderman, Thomas Lopez, Malia Golden, Esmeralda Espino-Duarte, Samantha Rodriguez, Cole Campbell, Josiah Molina, and Dashiell Quinn
These musicians were rated Excellent:
  • Maya Corriz, Flute
  • Amanda Barrera, Clarinet
  • Alejandro Lovato-Herrera, Bassoon
  • Sawyer McIntosh, Bassoon
  • Everest Gessler, Trumpet
  • William Leon Galdamez, Trumpet
  • Neveah Chavez, Trumpet
  • Itzel Ruiz Olvera, Horn
  • Ian Wald, Horn
  • Aiden Coblentz, Horn
  • Jack Tager, Trombone
  • Iris Kane, Trombone
  • Shyanne Naranjo, Tuba
  • Devonte Russell, Tuba

“This is a testament to each student’s individual work and grit on their instrument, as well as their work with our exceptional SFHS applied lesson faculty members who tutor students individually on their instruments,” Mr. Bellon said.