Myoko Costello

Miranda Archuleta , Contributor

If bakery teacher Myoko Costello could be any food, she said she would be a spring salad because it’s healthy, fresh and colorful.

Ms. Costello, who joined the staff of Santa Fe High in 2015, previously taught Family and Consumer Science at Ortiz Middle School as well as science and special education at Monte del Sol Charter School. She earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from SUNY Plattsburgh and received her master’s from NMSU in agricultural education.

Ms. Costello said what she likes most about teaching is “meeting students who each inspire me with their unique gifts and providing an opportunity for students to explore their own interests and passions.”

“I like teaching science and math in a hands-on way,” Ms. Costello said, explaining why she become a bakery teacher. And, she added, “I also get to feed hungry students!”

Ms. Costello, originally from New York, traveled extensively before settling down and served as a Peace Corps volunteer, which was her first teaching experience. If she could travel anywhere today, she would tour South America because she’s never been there.

She loves sharing baked goods with family and friends, dancing, and being the mom of twin girls.