‘The House of Blue Leaves’ a Huge Success


Tattler Staff

Santa Fe High Theater, under the direction of Reed Meschefske, presented The House of Blue Leaves, by John Guare, on May 4, 5, and 6.

Set in Sunnyside, Queens, on the day Pope Paul VI visited New York in 1965, The House of Blue Leaves centers on zookeeper and would-be songwriter Artie Shaughnessy. Desperate to escape life with his schizophrenic wife, Bananas, Artie is having an affair with his flamboyant neighbor, Bunny Flingus. But, things don’t quite turn out as the characters expect…

All Senior Cast

Artie: Daniel Czerkawski

Ronnie: Owen Aalberts                                                          

Bunny: Callan Cox

Bananas: Opal Trece                                                                     

Corrina Stroller: Kalitaya Anderson

Billy Einhorn: Justin Mirabal

Head Nun…: Bailey Riddle

Assistant Nun: Emma Abby

Little Nun: Summer Brown

Military Police: Nandi Strieker & Cian Rogers

Man In White: Quin Cooley-Winters