SFHS Students Attend NM Youth & Government Conference


Tattler Staff

Four Santa Fe High students, Aengus McGuiness, Lucas Blakeslee, Maya Harris, and Landen Kessler attended the New Mexico Youth & Government Conference April 2-4, participating in a mock state legislature.

Along with approximately 300 students from East Mountain, Moriarity, Sandia, Los Alamos, and six other high schools throughout the state, they drafted and debated bills. 

Since Aengus was attorney general, he argued about the constitutionality of questionable bills. and participated in the governor’s cabinet advising her about specific legislation. 

Lucas served as part of the AG’s cabinet and as secretary of agriculture in the governor’s cabinet.

Maya and Landen presented and debated bills in the House and Senate that focused on legalizing the possession of natural psychedelics and banning plastic straws.

YAG is always looking for members who are interested in participating in the legislative process. If you’d like to be a part of this club, contact Ms. Karasic @ [email protected], or scan QR codes on the posters around campus. Also, please check out the NM YAG website at nmyag.org for resources and info.