Boys’ Basketball: Demons Advance to District Championship


Tattler Staff

The Demons Ravaged the Rio Grande Ravens, 65-32, in the 5-5a district semifinal last night, Thursday, Feb. 22. The Demons rolled into a hostile environment at Rio Grande High School following the controversy and anger surrounding the team’s previous matchup, but imposed their will upon the less-prepared Ravens nevertheless.

The Demon’s intensity, composure, and nerve overwhelmed the Ravens from start to finish and baseline to baseline. The lopsided matchup became apparent very early on  — quickly silencing the previously rambunctious crowd.

The Demon’s tenacity and domination lead to a slightly anticlimactic rubber match between the three-seeded Demons and two-seeded Ravens.

The semifinal win advances the Demons into the District 5-5a Championship where they will match up against the first-seeded Los Lunas Tigers for the third time. The teams split their previous non-tournament clashes, winning one each.

The Championship will be played on Saturday, Feb. 25, at 7:00 p.m. at Los Lunas.