The Girl in the Well Is Me: Real Emotions in Psychological Horror


Rees Schellstede, Author

The Girl in the Well Is Me, by Karen Rivers, is a story about a new girl named Kammie Summers who desperately wants to be popular. 

When she first moved to town she so badly wanted to be part of “the popular girls” group. However, the girls in this group had no intention of letting Kammie in, so during her fake initiation into this group it takes a dark turn. She ends up trapped in a dark claustrophobic place — a well — that is running out of oxygen.

Kammie waits for hours to be rescued, but she is not even sure it will happen. As the time passes, Kammie goes back to thinking about memories – the highlights as well as the not-so-good parts of her life. She eventually starts to hallucinate that random creatures are in the well with her.

Readers will not be able to put this book down as it’s full of suspense and shows that actions have consequences. Rivers uses the element of surprise and her own sharp voice to make this psychological horror story make your gut turn and wonder, “What is going to happen next?” 

Rivers makes it really easy for readers to relate to the story through their own experiences. Overall, this is an usual book that has very real and true emotions.