When Poems Dance


Tattler Staff

This video shows the culmination of the New Mexican Poetry and Dance residency, a project of Ms. Compton’s Dance II class.

Students studied the poems of Nora Naranjo Morse, Jimmy Santiago Baca, and Penny Harter. They then collaborated in five creative process classes, applying their knowledge of the Elements of Dance to choreograph and embody poetry from New Mexico.

Ms. Compton explained, “They collaborated on interpreting the poems through space, time, energy, and other dance elements.”

This Dance/ELA Residency was sponsored by the Santa Fe Opera ALTO program (Arts Integrated Outreach), facilitated by Kathleen Kingsley and Amy Compton.

All dances were created by the dancers:

“When Clay Calls”
Yoselin Galdamez-Menjivar
Anika Heinonen
Anahis De La Cruz
Abigail Bratton

“Into Death Bravely”
Mai Tran-Jorand
Simon Dolcine
Ashleigh Rainey
Signe Aamodt Beguin 

“The Sun On Sandia Crest”
Laila  Steen
Rehm Sricamthai
Nevaeh Romero
Andrea Raphael
Breeana Orosco
Taylor Nelson

(The Spring Dance Concert will be Fri., March 10, and Sat., March 11, at 7 pm in the Performing Arts Theater, featuring many genres of dance: tap, stepping, folklorico, contemporary, dance-theatre, vernacular hip hop, punk/post-modern, K-Pop.)