Wendi Rodriguez


Adrina Montoya, Author

Wendi Rodriguez is Principal Vincent’s secretary.

Wendi joined the Demon community in 2022. She says she enjoys her job. “I really like it,” she said. “I think the staff, students, and teachers are super friendly.”

She stated her favorite part of her job is “talking to all the kids and people who work at Santa Fe High. There are tons of people here, so it’s neat to get to socialize and meet new people.” 

Wendi attended the Santa Fe Community College, where she earned an associate’s degree in general studies. She always knew she wanted to work for the public schools, as she has three kids of her own in SFPS, so when she heard about the job, she was definitely interested. She claims this job works perfectly with her family’s schedule. 

Although Wendi is originally from Santa Fe, she did live in Albuquerque for about seven years. She decided to come back to her hometown because she feels it’s safer and to be closer to family. 

Outside of work, Wendi enjoys attending her kids’ basketball games and spending time with family.