Linda Dunn


Krysti Griego, Author

Linda Dunn teaches New Mexico History and Mock Trial at Santa Fe High. She worked with at-risk high school students for 30 years before she retired and became a substitute teacher here in 2018. Then, in 2023, she joined the faculty as a full-time teacher.

Ms. Dunn was born and raised in Ohio. She moved to Arizona in 1960 and attended the University of Arizona, where she began as a public law major but then switched to education because she “loved working with kids.”

After earning two master’s degrees in Educational Leadership and Curriculum & Instruction, she moved to Santa Fe in 2018 because Illinois was “too cold.” 

Ms. Dunn enjoys being at SFHS and loves to help students graduate and develop a concept of “life-long” learning. Her advice to kids who struggle with certain classes is, “If you don’t like a class, take it once and get out of it.” She believes learning is very important. “Learning is a lifelong process,” she said. “I’m still learning.” 

Regarding working with kids, Ms. Dunn does have an age preference. “I’ve always liked working with kids, but not little kids,” she said. 

Ms. Dunn spends her free time at native dances, going to galleries, and watching films. 

Ms. Dunn has two grown children, one who still lives in Illinois and the other in New York, where they have families of their own. She has three grandchildren, two boys and one girl. She shared that her granddaughter is a talented artist, one grandson enjoys gaming, and the other grandson is a talented skateboarder who even did a skateboarding video for the Olympics.