SFHS Musicians Make the Cut for All-State Band, Choir, and Orchestra


Tattler Staff

The results of all musical arts students who got into All-State are back!

Santa Fe High School is now one of the top-represented schools in the state.

These orchestra students made the cut:

  • Daniel Czerkawski – Concert Orchestra 1st violin
  • Nicholas Stadick – Concert Orchestra
  • Hanbi Park – Symphony Orchestra
  • Nathan Christensen – Symphony Orchestra

These choir students made the cut:

  • Delphinia Kokalis- Treble
  • Mia Logue Y Perea S- Treble
  • Leslie Garcia- Treble
  • Ytzel Romo-Olivas- Treble
  • Karma Lee- Treble
  • Sydney Karnes- Treble
  • Eleanor Whalen- Treble
  • Sarah Dunston- Mixed
  • Corey Lee- Mixed

These band students made the cut:

  • Sophia Buchan – Clarinet
  • Callan Cox – Bass Clarinet (1st Chair Concert Band)
  • Abigail Frey – Flute
  • Everest Gessler – Trumpet (Ranked #4 in N.M.)
  • Maya Harris – Flute (1st Chair Concert Band)
  • Lila Lindeen – Flute
  • Gwendolyn Muchmore – Trumpet (Ranked #5 in N.M.)
  • Dulcie Quinn – Clarinet
  • Addison Smith – Clarinet
  • Nathaniel Steiger – Clarinet (Ranked #4 in N.M.; this is his 4th year in All-State band)
  • Brody Silver – percussion (Ranked #3 in N.M.; made Allstate Jazz Band and Symphonic Percussion)
  • Paige Tomkins – Flute Alternate

Congratulations to all who made it to All-State and get to represent SFHS!