Demon Football: Is the Season Slipping Away, or Will They Rally?


Louis Herndon, Author

Following a dispute concerning the time, location, and revenue distribution of this year’s “ultimate crosstown rivalry” game, the collision of flint and steel this Saturday seemed inevitable. And indeed sparks flew… for 5 minutes and 38 seconds. 

The Horsemen were knocking on the door of the Demon endzone when a twelfth man stepped up for the D-boys defense. Zeus showed pity for the Demons, inciting a lightning delay that left Ivan Head Stadium stagnant for an hour and a half.

Shortly after returning, the Horsemen punched it in with a screen to Marcus Leyba from the 9-yard line. The Horsemen scored once more following a discouraging possession from the Demons, before lightning delayed the game yet again. 

But the threatening weather could dam the flood of scoring for only so long. The explosive Horsemen offense led St. Mike’s to a 47-0 victory over the Demons. One could argue that the Demons’ only claim to fame that day was that star Horsemen tight end Tavez Lozada used to attend Santa Fe High School.

This loss comes after a grueling offseason chock full of two-a-days, 6 a.m. practices, and frequent visits to the weightroom. Two players suffered season-ending injuries during the second game of the season in a loss against Roswell – starting quarterback Michael Abeyta (knee) and starting running-back/safety Alex Mora (shoulder and clavicle).

 These losses to the roster forced sophomore receiver Santiago Villasenor into the QB1 spot, and senior defensive tackle Andrew Allen into the running back position on very short notice. These abruptness of these changes were apparent on Saturday as the Demons accumulated a grand total of 71 yards from scrimmage in 48 minutes of action. 

The Horsemen game brings the Demons’ record to 0-3, and the season tally to 153-12. So where does that leave the program’s morale?

The Demons have three more games until district play begins. Is it too late to salvage what is left of the season? We will get answers at this Friday’s home game against Silver City.

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