Rylan W. Martinez

Due to a recent TikTok trend labeled “devious licks”, as of measures to prevent any more damage to school property, SFHS has forever, as for the rest of the year, closed off its restrooms to students and staff, and here’s why; For those of us who don’t know what TikTok is, TikTok is a short 1 to 15-second video-sharing social media platform most commonly used by people from ages 16 – 24. Now the term, “Devious licks” and or diabolical or dastardly licks is a trend that encourages students to steal or destroy public property, most commonly school property. The incentive for doing such is for basic internet attention. However, school vandalism has always been a thing, no problem for Santa Fe Public schools to keep under control. However, after a global pandemic, there’s bound to be problems and a nationwide trend to instigate vandalism by a hundred percent isn’t one that our public schools need to deal with anyways. But as time continues on, Santa Fe public school’s vandalism problem just gets way out of hand. For Santa Fe High, reports of students destroying and grafting restrooms (By either ripping out a sink from the wall or throwing a soap dispenser in the toilet) across campus annoyed the High school Staff and other students who needed to use the restrooms. Just to add on to the sake of vandalism rather than the TikTok trend itself, a student (by unknown identity) was arrested and charged with arson by burning one of the school restroom trash bins in the boys – visual arts restroom.