New Changes, what’s in store for Santa Fe High’s Future


Rylan W. Martinez

Over the past decades, Santa Fe high has been known to keep its variety throughout the years, whether it was its mascot, schedules, or even the campus itself. Established in 1899, It started the size of an elementary school which was located near the Federal Courthouse that is just in downtown Santa Fe. Over the years of Land expansion, it wouldn’t be until the late 1970s/ early 1980s that the campus we have today would be the second thing to be built here on Siringo Road. However, after at least 40 years of being a campus, you better believe there would be changes as we said before. Santa Fe Public Schools would be only tacking on or fixing buildings onto the campus over the past decades. As of now, Santa Fe Public Schools would be introducing new projects to come for the 3 – 5 years that are yet to come. 

Construction on Campus all started again around 2016 when Santa Fe High tore down its old In Student Suspension building to make way for a new one. Wouldn’t be until in the late summer/ early fall of 2020 they would officially finish. Just in the beginning of Spring of 2020, just at least 2 weeks after Students have been sent home from school due to the surging corona virus on March 8th; SFPS hired construction to not only to continue to finish up one project but start another by tearing up the Demon Plaza to make way for a new Demon Plaza as well. Wouldn’t be until somewhere around the same time as they finished the new ISS building, would they have finished the new Demon Plaza as well. 

Now as of construction, Students begin by heading back onto campus with a new Coronavirus Vaccine, However, we still see construction happening, and here is why. As far as students, we see tractors tearing up the old tennis courts near one of the school’s exits/entrances. Here to give you the news, a word from New Head Principle Salazar-Garcia, “The old tennis courts have been sold to the City of Santa Fe as Spare land”. For more news, the small patch of land that is next to the new ISS building will be the site of the new Commons Cafeteria. But then you ask what is to become of the old commons cafeteria, well that old commons cafeteria will soon be torn down to make way for a new activity center. As for the old activity center, it will also be torn down and it is only uncertain whether or not that will be either a site for a new building or it’ll just be spare land for the campus. As of the big patch of land that is in front of the commons cafeteria/ behind the high school library, SFPS and SFHS still have no plans on what to do with that big patch of land. They are uncertain as to when more tractors and construction workers we’ll be here to put these projects and plans into action, again this maybe will not happen until the next 3 to 5 years to come. 

Right now we see construction workers on the roofs of the Academic and Science buildings. In case you were wondering, they are only there to install some new ventilation systems in the science building and to also look over and patch up anything that needs patching up on both buildings.