Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever

Billie Eilish to Release Second Studio Album on June 30, 2021


Photo credit: @billieeilish Instagram

Kaitlyn Cook

After the release of her debut single, “Ocean Eyes,” singer-songwriter Billie Eilish became a global sensation. The 19-year-old has since released one studio album, one live album, one video album, three extended plays (EPs), 28 singles, and 23 music videos. With a new album set to drop on July 30, Eilish shows no sign of slowing her rise to stardom. 

Eilish released the EP, dont smile at me, in 2017, the album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO in 2019, and was recently featured in the documentary, The World’s a Little Blurry, which closely follows her through a three-year journey of life, love, and music. Having only released one studio album, it’s no surprise that fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Eilish’s second album, Happier Than Ever, which is scheduled for July 30, her brother Finneas’ birthday. 

“I relate to Billie Eilish’s music because her music makes me feel not alone when I feel so alone,” said Daphnee Mentor, a sophomore at Santa Fe High School.


The Release of Your Power

On April 29, Eilish released one of the newest songs on the album called, Your Power. Written about the abuse of power against a person or group of people, this emotionally charged song touches on a topic that’s been increasingly prevalent throughout the nation. 

“I believe she is telling the story of being abused and talking to the abuser who was “grooming” and possibly more,” said Ms. Compton. “I’ve heard in the media that this might be her personal story and if it is I bet it is very empowering for her to tell it publicly in this way.”

Many Eilish fans believe Your Power is about her relationship with her now-ex-boyfriend, Q. Q made several appearances in the documentary, The World’s a Little Blurry, which exposed just how mentally draining the relationship was and how much it took out of Eilish  

After the relationship ended in June 2019, Eilish and her brother Finneas began writing the song, Happier Than Ever, which soon became the basis for the entire studio album.


What to Expect

On the upcoming album, Happier Than Ever, there will be 16 songs that are likely to cover controversial topics that few people even speak about, much less sing about. 

Ms. Barnes, the SFHS choir teacher, said, “I think she will sing about strong topics,” said Marilyn Barnes, the choir teacher at SFHS choir teacher. “That’s her thing, which I think is a wonderful thing.” 

Songs titled, Oxytocin, NDA, Male Fantasy, I didn’t change my number, and Lost Cause is expected to be heavy, as several of her past, similarly-titled songs have been.

“I think songwriting is a great way to express something painful in a sort of secret code. You can say it without saying it,” said Amy Compton, the dance instructor at SFHS. “You can mumble certain words and use metaphors.  I think that is part of the reason people love songs so much. People feel they are not alone and soothed.”  

Several songs from the album have already been released and are captivating fans with powerful messages. In my future, Eilish sings of falling in love with the person she is going to become. Your Power promotes the stand against abuse of power and Therefore I am points the finger at people who think they know Eilish better than she knows herself.

Women grow and are powerful,” added Ms. Barnes. “They begin to feel comfortable with their sexuality and don’t care what society thinks.”

Fans suspect the upcoming album will include additional songs about her ex-boyfriend, as well as other powerful experiences she’s had over the past three years. . They are also expecting a very different experience from her first album after the unveiling of her newly-dyed platinum blonde hair, which stands in stark contrast to her previous neon green and black locks. Fans wonder if this cosmetic change might correspond with the “angelic” and “soft” look she has been upholding lately. 

“I’ve heard some of Billie’s story and heard her choice to wear baggy clothes was so she would not have to deal with the male gaze, media scrutiny of her body, etc.,” Ms. Compton added. “She made people think differently about gender and clothing.”

Eilish was featured on the front of Vogue Magazine where, instead of sporting her usual baggy clothes style, she is seen wearing lingerie and high-heels, her new, iconic blonde hair in flowing, curled locks. 

Ms. Compton said, “I think it must also be empowering for her to dress any way she pleases and not have to adhere to “one way” of being seen.”

Eilish’s latest songs topped the Pre-Adds Apple Music Charts from April 30 through May 6, which is a promising indicator of what to expect when the official album drops on July 30th. Pre-save the album on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Target, today and join the millions of loyal Billie Eilish fans.