Valorant: Even in Beta, New Game Shows Promise


Isaac Gallegos

Have you heard of the new game Valorant? Currently on a closed beta that was opened Apr. 7, this new shooter game will be available to the public this summer, when the full worldwide release comes out.

Valorant is similar to CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) as the game graphics are almost the same.

Players will have the option of playing with friends or on their own. There will be unranked and ranked gameplay as well. In unranked, players will play against any skill base. In ranked, players will play with others of the same skill base.

There will be some items that can be bought in the game, but they’ll only be cosmetic and will grant no competitive advantage.

They will have an anti-cheat system as well, so if a hacker joins the game, the hacker will be banned and the game that the hacker joins will immediately end.

This game will probably be the next popular game when taken out of beta access. It is already fairly popular even though it’s in closed beta, which means only a handful of people have the game. When this game releases, it will be a free to play game, excluding the cosmetic items available for purchase.

The only way to currently get the game is to go to the gaming platform Twitch and win a game key from a Twitch drop. When the game finally launches for everyone to play, it’s going to be a worldwide drop to the public.

The developers of this game are only focused on PC gameplay for right now. They’re not focusing on console or iOS gameplay because the only way to play the game properly is on PC. However, they will most likely release a console version of this game if it’s a very big success because then they will get a lot of new players.