WAVE: New Club for Concerned Students


Rhiannon Webb

Wellness Ambassadors to Voice and Empower, otherwise known as WAVE, is a club at SFHS led by Ms. Hogan. Its purpose is to examine current issues in society and the school community in hopes of illustrating how people can help resolve or reduce the negative effects of certain issues.

Club member Valencya Valdez says, “Our purpose is to create awareness about social and political issues, especially in our communities and our schools, for students and young people in general.”

According to Valencya, some recent activities club members have participated in include “WAVE training about climate change, LGTBQ issues, and immigration. We have also participated in a die-in and education about legislation at the Roundhouse.”

Valencya says, “The club really aligns with my values, and I love the intent of the club in not only teaching young people and empowering them to get involved, but in providing a safe space that some students or teens may not be aware is available.”

Another club member, Ivy St. Clair, says, “My favorite thing we’ve done is participate in the die-in at the Roundhouse because it was really constructive and meaningful to all of us as teen-agers.” She goes on to say, “I would recommend this club to a peer of mine, especially one who is politically aware and active, because the things we discuss are important in the whole of our city, state, and nation.”

Students interested in joining the club should speak to Ms. Hogan in A-204 for more information.