Cookies in the Commons, with EJ Martinez Students

Kyle Herrera

Fourth-grade students from EJ Martinez Elementary School visited Ms. Costello’s Bakery 2 class to make cookies on March 5.

Ms. Costello’s students had a range of opinions about the experience.

Jade Gallegos says they were “kind of weird,” but she bonded with one talking about the video game “Undertow.”

Katelynn Wideman said it was “very hectic.”

Alex Grady said it was “stressful but fun,” and “they are very truthful.” (One fourth-grader told her she was mean because she wouldn’t let them have an extra cookie.)

Tyra Rosetta and Marisa Koroneos said it was fun getting to know little kids and teaching them what they know. Carlos Rivera said he thought it was a good experience for both sides.

Tai Lewis said fourth- graders know a lot more than he thought they would.

Ms. Lithgow’s ProStart students have also worked with Cooking With Kids, a non-profit organization that educates children and families on how to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods. 

In the past, 12 seniors from SFHS have gone to Nava Elementary to participate in tastings with Nava students. Most of the seniors participating have been in the ProStart program since their freshman year and are experienced in the culinary world. Most already have a job in food service.